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30. MAR 2015
Resurrected with DJ Lag

As masculine as you'd expect from the Mord label and Exit festival mainstay Miloš Martinov.


28. NOV 2012
Organon presents Biomechanics Podcast #14

Our very own Organon is in charge of number fourteen, layering the deeper shades of techno.


23. JUN 2012
Biomechanics Podcast by Codex Europa

"A mix presenting pre-techno, para-techno, post-techno and other lost electronic interchanges. Electro-acoustic, Industrial, EBM, New Beat, Power Electronics and even Rhythm and Noise are featured, illustrating predictive, flirtatious and repulsed moments when all these forms approach or veer away from techno as the most intense form of machinic sound..."


16. DEC 2011
Podcast by Finn Johannsen

A very special podcast coming from our favourite record store. Thank you Finn!


05. DEC 2011
New release out

Finally a new release on Bio-mechanics and it's a breath of fresh air from a young yet strict Slovenian Nitz with melancholic micro&dubby jams.


02. NOV 2011
Podcast chapter 11 with Dadub

We're very happy to have one of the core-artists of Stroboscopic Artefacts and the duo behind the muscular Artefacts Mastering pushing dub into the darkest corners of techno on podcast chapter 11.


27. AUG 2011
Toby Frith delivers 10th podcast

Podcast No. 10 in safe hands of Mr. Bleep43, promotor and critic Toby Frith, serving proper acid and techno cuts.


23. JUN 2011
Skirt with the summer soundtrack

Our podcast series is moving from Manchester to Birmingham and our favourite Horizontal Ground producer Miss Bethany aka Skirt. Learn your lesson.


23. DEC 2010
Casual Violence delivers 8th podcast

Simply one hour and forty minutes of industrial techno psychedelia by Manchester finest Casual Violence. Class.


21. JUN 2010
Jolka with the new podcast

7th podcast is a tight contribution from a dear friend and a techno veteran who's juicy new moniker has already appeared on Sect and Matrix. Some serious acid here mixed with a spice of sexy summerish grooves.


07. APR 2010
Symann presents Meet The Hole EP

Deep and gloomy micro sessions with Symann from Synaptic for our spring edition on the deep side.


22. MAR 2010
6th podcast comes from Ronny Pries

6th podcast comes from the founder of the first techno netlabel to appear in the 90's, .schleudertrauma., a producer who has released on Forte Records and a game & music software developer, Ronny Pries.


02. DEC 2009
Kr!z mixes Podcast #5

His superior label Token is known for a powerful and uncompromising sound and that`s exactly how Kr!z delivers our 5th Podcast chapter. Smooth mixing transforms these sinister drones into a tender story.


11. OCT 2009
Podcast #4 by Rossella

Rosa Maria Melchionda, better known as Rossella, attracted our attention when we heard her darkly seductive podcast for mnmlssgs. Also appearing on Tadeo's NET28 label, we wanted Rossella's sound to add another perspective to our series, this time coming from Rome.


07. JUN 2009
Third podcast installation comes from the hands of Octex

Our thrid podcast installation comes from the delicate hands of Mr. Octex from Ljubljana, already appaeared on Mute and Tehnika, he smoothly layers bits from lush deep house to detroit and 2-step.


22. APR 2009
CYP presents Territory Of Fear LP

First LP on Biomechanics will take you deep in CYP's basement on a journey through some of his coldest soundscapes, stretching from creepy ambient interludes to sinister steely drones. Raw yet haunting "Territory Of Fear" features two tracks previously released on the infamous Inceptive label...


19. FEB 2009
Second podcast mixed by Marcel Heese from Tresor HQ
Marcel Heese from the Tresor Headquarter's family has kindly provided us with our second Podcast back in October already, sharing it finally it sounds as fresh with Marcels elegant and precise mixing, tracklist speaks for itself.


10. FEB 2009
Slowform EP by Absolute Time out now

Absolute Time from Osaka delivers hypnotic and ambiental journey on our new "deep" release with a haunting underwater sound sphere...


07. NOV 2008
Mimi opens the podcast series

A mysterious underground techno icon from Zagreb was the perfect choice for the proper opening of the Biomechanics Podcast series, once again proving his undeniable three decks qualities, blending dub, techno, idm and detroit vibes into this monsterous yet fluid tracklist. Thank you Mimi...


07. OCT 2008
Forceback - Nation On Detour EP out on BM

Forceback is mysterious moniker hailing from the suburbs of Ljubljana although sounding as if coming from Detroit in the mid 90's. On his first Ep on Biomechanics he offers a warm palette of sounds&vibes in old school electro&techno mood, resisting the soulless and  commercial musical trends that have taken over his home country. Sit back and enjoy the drive through the Motor City.


22. JUL 2008
Zzzzra with La Loi Du Radium EP on BM

Another dub-tech classicism on 4th release on the deep platform is coming from Paris with three floating pieces by Zzzzra (Schall-Netlabel) and a remix from Dominique Jacquinet (Pronounce).


16. JUN 2008
Casual Violence presents To Reflect EP on BM

Our fourth release on BMT is a dark lesson from Manchester by Casual Violence (Arms, Ante Rasa) and it smoothly travels from deep pulses to industrial drones. Charming!


16. JUN 2008
Coming soon

New ep on the dub platform is landing in late june from Paris with love. It features three deep pieces by Zzzzra (Schall-Netlabel) and a remix from Dominique Jacquinet (Pronounce).


20. APR 2008
Organic Reaction EP by Organon, out now

Third release on the deep platform has dug even deeper with Organon from the home crew, delivering gentle soundscapes and aquatic chords.


20. APR 2008
Next up:

Next artist featured on the techno platform is coming from Manchester, expect a dark & deep lesson from Casual Violence (ARMS, Ante-Rasa) in may!


16. MAR 2008
New EP Elemental Sequence by Teemu T

Elemental Sequence  EP will take you on a deep atmospheric trip to Tampere, Finland with Teemu T. behind the wheel. After an appearance on Pohjola and a forthcoming release on Limetree, Teemu has provided us with three wonderful tracks full of hypnotic yet dark sounds that keep crawling and crawling...


16. MAR 2008
Coming soon

The deep platform is digging even deeper with Organon working on his new release, scheduled for early april...


10. FEB 2008
Sustainer's Monocromo EP out now

We're proud to present Alex Alarcón aka Sustainer as the author of the second release on the deep side of BioMechanics.
In 2003 Sustainer released a highly praised lp Cuantico on the famous Cologne's label Italic, which turned out to be one of the finest works of dub techno in the post basic channel era. Now he's back in a dubby&chordish form at its finest, go check it out!


10. FEB 2008
Coming Soon

Third ep on the techno platform will be a dark and deep trip to Tampere, Finland with Teemu T (Pohjola, Limetree) behind the wheel. Coming out in march...


12. JAN 2008
Luka Baumann`s EP out now

We're happy to announce the second release on the Bio-Mechanics techno platform, this time by Luka Baumann from Emergence Records. Luka, known for his elegant, dark & industrial sound, has also released on labels such as Infecta, MainOut and Audio Assault but this time he shows us a more romantic side with the subtle As We Drift Apart EP. As Archae has nicely put it: “Here, emotion is crafted with technology!”


12. JAN 2008
Coming soon

Alex Alarcón aka Sustanier from Barcelona, known for his great lp Quantico on Italic, has almost finished his release for the deep side of Bio-Mechanics. Expect fresh dubby echoes any time now...


24. NOV 2007
Launch off
Biomechanics team is happy to announce a succesful start of a new netlabel that will focus on techno in a wider sense. Author of the first release on the deep platform is Pep Gaya, while the techno platform brings a various artists ep featuring tracks by Ronin, O.B.C. Orphan and the home crew. Check the releases section!